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SPF-059: Top Book Launch Tips – with Tim Grahl



Book launch expert Tim Grahl talks to James about the importance of an email list, successful book launches and his own experience of writing a novel for public consumption.

This week’s key highlights:

  • The challenge of having beginner’s mind about writing
  • Writing a novel in public
  • The disadvantage for writers of long feedback loops
  • Two types of marketing strategies for authors
  • Why a mailing list matters for long term sales strategies
  • And why influencers matter as well for book marketing
  • Which kind of influencer to connect with

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

The Self-Publishing Formula Knowledge Vault
Story Grid Podcast with Tim Grahl and Shawn Coyne
BOOK: Story Grid
Story Grid website
BOOK: Your First 1,000 Copies
Book Launch Podcast
BOOK: So Good They Can’t Ignore You
BOOK: Outliers
NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
ARTICLE: Email marketing for authors
Ramit Sethi’s site I Will Teach You to Be Rich


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