SPS-151: BookLab #4 – with Niki Danforth

Mystery author Niki Danforth submits her title ‘Searching for Gatsby’ to the BookLab experts for input on her writing, cover design and book description.

This week’s highlights include:

  • Editorial advice from Jennie Nash on info dumps
  • The importance of narrative drive
  • On the elements that make up the hierarchy of editorial concerns
  • Focusing on moments where something is being revealed about your character
  • Taking a book from good to great
  • Keeping the momentum going in a book description
  • A reminder about calls to action
  • Why your book’s description must fit its genre
  • The importance of clarity about genre with a book’s cover as well

Resources mentioned in this episode:

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Show’s Patreon page

BOOKLAB NOTES: Get Jennie’s two handouts and Niki Danforth’s original cover and book description

BOOKLAB: This is the BookLab episode where Jennie discusses info dumps in more detail

WEBINAR: Click here for access to the cover design webinar with Stuart Bache

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