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SPF-143: #Bookstagrammers – How To Reach Readers Through Instagram – with Bex Gorsuch

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James learns all about hashtags (including why they travel in huge packs of 25 or more), photo filters, platform consistency, and more reasons why Instagram is #awesomeforauthors.

Show Notes

  • A sneak peak at upcoming guests on the SPF University series of webinars
  • A date for the next Book Lab episode
  • A date for when the next Ads for Authors course opens up for enrollment
  • Why Bex works with the author community specifically
  • Reasons why authors should be on Instagram
  • Why Instagram is a better social media platform for authors than some of the others
  • On the uses of paid ads, promoted posts and organic reach on Instagram
  • The importance of consistency in your Instagram profile and posts
  • Tips on how often to post, scheduling posts, the visual style of Instagram, and the importance of captions and hashtags

Resources mentioned in this episode:

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Podcast’s Patreon page

PLEASE NOTE: as of November 2019, Bex’s Instagram challenge is no longer available.

BEX’S FREE COURSE: Click here for access to How To Promote Your Book On Social Media: Instagram 101.

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