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SPF-141: Author TV – Building Readership with YouTube – with Garrett Robinson & Antoine Bandele

Video is another way authors can reach out to their audiences and build relationships with new readers. James chats with two authors who are doing just that via YouTube and live streaming service Twitch.

This week’s highlights include:

  • On whether YouTube works for authors commercially
  • Getting feedback on creative writing ideas via YouTube
  • Garrett and Antoine’s different approaches to the subject matter for their videos
  • And their different reasons for having YouTube channels
  • Switching from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one
  • Earning income based on YouTube views
  • The importance of playlists for YouTubers
  • The benefits and drawbacks of using ads on YouTube
  • Do video viewers convert to book buyers?
  • Using Twitch to live-stream writing a novel
  • On the tech used for videos and audio. (Spoiler: James develops a case of mic envy.)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Podcast’s Patreon page


ANTOINE’S WEBSITE: AntoineBandele.com

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