SPS-161: How to Strike Gold with a Niche Audience: Writing Reverse Harem – with Steff Green

USA Today best-selling author Steff Green has worked incredibly hard to make her dream of being a full-time writer come true. From dealing with a sight disability to working with her computer balanced on her lap during a painfully long bus commute, she has paid her dues. Now, she writes under several pen names and shares with James the advantages of working in popular new niches.

This week’s highlights include:

  • On James’s progress with his novel and working with an Accelerator writing coach
  • (Also, will he be adding dinosaurs to the narrative?)
  • How indie authors are able to fulfill reader needs that traditional publishers are not serving
  • What the reverse harem trope is and where it’s found in the different genres
  • How indie authors keep ahead of reading trends
  • On the transition to working full-time as a writer (while building a house off the grid)
  • Writing during a five hour commute to and from work
  • Managing social accounts etc. for several pen names
  • On the reason paranormal books are so popular today

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