SPF-136: How To Start That Awesome Author Website – with John Dyer, Stuart Grant and Kraig Mathias

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An overview of three of the most popular and easiest website platforms for authors to use to create a beautiful and functional website.

Show Notes

  • Why your author website is important
  • The three website platform types
  • Choosing a website platform that suits your technical abilities
  • The importance of making sure your site looks good on mobile and tablet
  • The costs associated with the different platforms
  • Integrating websites with an email list provider
  • Why all the parts of your website matter, including, as ever, book cover design

Resources mentioned in this episode:

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Podcast’s Patreon page

PDF DOWNLOAD: Click here to get the PDF with all the tools and links listed.

SPF FRIEND: Tommy Donbavand’s site about his battle with cancer

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SPF-004: Masterclass – Five Must Do Actions for New Authors – With Mark Dawson


If you’re thinking of kicking off a career as an indie author, or have already started down that road, listening to Podcast number 4 might save you a lot of time, money and effort as you move forward. Mark and James focus on key elements that are worth getting right at the start of your adventure. Mailing lists, websites, social media presence, company set-up, copyright and using pro services are just some of the topics covered.

Show Notes

  • Action #1: Build your mailing list. What services to use to do this, Advanced Reader Teams.
  • Action #2: Have a website. Your space on the internet, affiliate income, tracking the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
  • Action #3: Social media presence. Focusing on one or two platforms, the ease of setting up a Facebook profile and page and why they matter.
  • Action #4: Setting up a limited company for your author income. Assume you’re going to be successful, the life of your copyrighted books.
  • Action #5: Be professional. Hiring editors, proofreaders, cover designers. The pace of change and not getting caught up in fads.

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