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SPF-094: A Helping Hand from SPF – with Reedsy’s Ricardo Fayet

James Blatch and Lucy Dawson introduce the Self Publishing Formula Foundation, a partnership with Reedsy, that will help four authors each year to fulfill their dream of publishing and marketing their books.

This week’s highlights include:

  • The origins of the SPF Foundation
  • How the foundation works and how to apply
  • What SPF are looking for in foundation applicants
  • What Reedsy does and how they help indie authors
  • Reedsy’s suggestions about the best use of the self-publishing support available from them
  • Thoughts on the rise of book marketers who help authors

Resources mentioned in this episode:

More information about the Self Publishing Formula Foundation


Self Publishing Formula Patreon page

Do What You Can’t video – Casey Neistat

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