SPF-060: Talking the Talk – with Dragon Dictation expert Scott Baker



Dictating your first draft, as opposed to typing it, can exponentially increase a writer’s daily word count. James talks to Dragon Trainer Scott Baker about tips, tricks, and equipment to get you dictating like a pro.

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This week’s key highlights:

  • The urgent reason Scott, and many other authors, use dictation
  • Which versions of Dragon Scott recommends
  • The other tools Scott recommends, including microphones, headsets, and recorders
  • Tips for transitioning from typing to dictating
  • Basics on transcribing work if you dictate into a recorder
  • How Dragon deals with accents and how to help it cope with strong ones
  • The single biggest mistake authors make with Dragon (and how to avoid it)

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

The Self-Publishing Formula Knowledge Vault
Dragon Dictation Cheat Sheeet
BOOK: The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon
BOOK: Quick Cheats for Writing with Dragon (Free)
Dragon Riders Facebook group
Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Version 13
Dragon Professional Individual v. 15
Dragon Professional Individual for Mac v.6
Rode NT-USB microphone
Zoom H1 Recorder
Scott’s website,


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