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SPS-162: Writing to Market: Using Big Data to Find Your Niche – with Alex Newton

Alex Newton has always had a passion for data. He’s using his data superpowers now to help authors discover marketable and profitable niches that might not be obvious to the casual observer

This week’s highlights include:

  • Turning big data into useful information
  • On how the supply of ebooks is growing – but so is the demand, contrary to what trad publishers would have us believe
  • The differences in supply and demand by genre
  • Alex’s aim to help author make better and faster publishing decisions with K-lytics
  • On the market share that indie authors currently possess
  • How small, poor-selling categories can help an author
  • Cautionary advice about following trends too closely
  • Join some of the SPF team at London Book Fair next week

Resources mentioned in this episode:

BONUS CONTENT: Free sample report from Alex and K-Lytics

SPF 101: The 101 course is open for enrollment for a limited time.

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Show’s Patreon page

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