SPF-133: The Author Accelerator – with Jennie Nash

Book coach Jennie Nash talks to James about how writers who are stuck or frustrated can finish their books with the aid of an accountability partner in the form of a book coach.

This week’s highlights include:

  • On using a book coach to get your book finished
  • The difference between a book coach and an editor
  • The different ways Jennie helps authors get their books finished
  • How authors need to be ready to hear input to fix or complete a book
  • Focusing on the fundamentals of storytelling to get a story to work
  • Fixing fatal flaws in stories that can unearth a great book
  • Offering accountability so that authors can get their books finished
  • Jennie’s motivation for starting Author Accelerator
  • Caution from Jennie about using a service that promises an easy fix for your book

Resources mentioned in this episode:

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Podcast’s Patreon page

BOOK COACHES: AuthorAccelerator.com

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