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SPF-101: Smart Book Delivery – with Damon Courtney

Demon coder and indie author Damon Courtney talks to James from the NINC conference about starting and running BookFunnel, an ever-evolving service that continues to support self published authors to get their books into customers’ hands.

This week’s highlights include:

  • How Damon came up with the idea for BookFunnel
  • How BookFunnnel solves several problems for authors
  • Advanced features, including selling direct, that have arrived on BookFunnel
  • Automating book distribution and reminders to readers
  • How BookFunnel customers (authors) contribute to its development

Resources mentioned in this episode:

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Podcast’s Patreon page

SPF RESOURCES: The page where all the SPF books are available for listeners, delivered by BookFunnel

BOOKFUNNEL: Go here to learn more

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