In the final part of our three-part series of interviews from ThrillerFest 2018, James talks to prolific hybrid romance author Lexi Blake, Rambo’s father David Morrell, USA Today best-selling author Alan Jacobson, and, last but not least, megastar thriller author Lee Child.

This week’s highlights include:

  • On the status of traditional publishing with Lexi Blake
  • Lexi’s strengths and weaknesses as a hybrid author
  • Working with a photographer for custom covers
  • On Lexi’s relationship with her readers
  • The importance for authors of patience and discipline
  • Alan Jacobson on writing what you know, and also educating yourself about what you don’t know
  • Why authenticity matters in Alan’s writing
  • Choosing between having a feature film or a limited TV series made of your work
  • On being a co-producer for the televised version of Alan’s Karen Vail series
  • The origins of the Rambo story with the book’s author David Morrell
  • Why it took four film studios and 26 scripts to get Rambo on screen
  • Writing authentically about the Victorian era
  • The importance for an author to continue growing, learning, developing
  • Lee Child on reader feedback and how the reader creates the book as much as the writer does
  • On continuing to enjoy the writing process after mega success
  • Lee Child’s thoughts in the indie author movement and what it means to publishing

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