How do you define success? Is it in the number of books you sell? Is it in the money you make or the raving feedback you receive from fans of your books? Or is it simply that you got your book written? As you can tell there are a number of ways different people might define success as a self-published author and none of them are wrong. But asking and answering the question is crucial if you are going to have a sustained and personally fulfilling career as an author. Today’s guest is Elizabeth Lyons. The mindset issues that fuel her writing have led her to write about and coach authors extensively on the importance of developing a clear sense of WHY behind their writing. You’ll learn a lot about the serious and confident mindset that fuels Elizabeth and many other successful authors from this conversation.

Why you need to define your own brand of success as an author.
If you don’t know what you’re looking to achieve as an author you’ll never know if you’ve hit it. You’ll also not be able to weather the storms of negative response, missed deadlines, editorial feedback, and a host of other things that make it difficult to persevere as an author. This conversation could provide that missing sense of clarity you need to push you forward over the edge.

What to do if the creative side of writing makes it hard to treat it as a business.
Writing is inherently creative. There’s no doubt about that fact. It’s for that reason that many authors find it difficult to make the mindset shift that is required to effectively approach the business side of their writing. But it’s absolutely necessary if your books are going to make any kind of financial difference in your life. Elizabeth has some great advice for those authors who find it hard to make the switch between creative and business person. Her advice could help you get over the hump and finally start seeing yourself and the work you are producing as things worthy of other people’s money. Curious yet? Find out more on this episode.

How do you define success if you never get started?
Unspoken behind the concept of self-publishing is the fact that the author himself or herself is the one doing the work of getting the book published. That can take on a variety of forms but the fact remains that the end result is due in large measure to the author’s work and nobody else’s. Because the “getting started” phase of self-publishing can be intimidating for those who have no experience at publishing the team The Self Publishing Formula have put together their “Self Publishing 101” course. It’s packed full of step by step instructions to help you get off the ground and walk your book project all the way through the final draft, publication, and promotion. Find out more about how you can get the course on this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:22] The Self-Publishing 101 course is LIVE!
  • [1:17] The feedback being received from Beta users of the course.
  • [2:10] Today’s guest, Elizabeth Lyons and the issue of mindset behind your writing.
  • [4:20] Introduction of Liz and the importance of having meaning behind your author career.
  • [7:10] Why it is OK to say, “I’m writing to make money.”
  • [9:21] The mindset approach self-publishing authors need to develop.
  • [15:07] Advice for those who feel uncomfortable running a business.
  • [17:56] What it looks like to build relationship with customers in the digital world.
  • [23:46] How Liz has learned to be herself from writing non-fiction.
  • [28:04] The challenge of living with negative responses.
  • [35:01] The tools Elizabeth has created to help authors.

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