Welcome to How to Write a Bestseller!

A huge welcome to our How to Write a Bestseller course.

We can't wait for you to get going and soak up the goldmine of information about how to craft a book that’ll fly off the (virtual) shelves.

There's never been a better time to be a writer. Since the advent of the e-book, publishing has been transformed from a closed off world for the lucky few into one where anyone with the right skills can flourish.

If you want your writing to have commercial success, it is essential you understand the market. This is the same for every industry, but, for historical reasons, writers in the past have usually been left to their own devices – writing in isolation, crossing their fingers and hoping that what they write is what the agents, publishers and – ultimately – the readers want.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

What if you spent time studying the secrets of bestseller success? What if you understood in detail why one book can sell millions of copies, while another sits on the shelves gathering dust?

That's where this course comes in.

We've teamed up with bestselling author Suzy K. Quinn to dissect the modern bestseller and turn that knowledge into a blueprint for our own writing.

I'm sure you are eager to get going – we're eager for you to dive in as well! So here are a couple of housekeeping notes:

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Right. It's time to dive in and join Suzy as she unlocks the secrets of bestseller success.

It's great to have you onboard.

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