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Weekly Write-Up: 4th December 2019

Welcome to the SPF Weekly Write-Up, where each Wednesday we collect together the self-publishing news of the week so you don’t have to.

This week: Wonderbly joins “self-publishing” (or what it thinks is self-publishing), and Lithub lists the “best” covers of 2019.

Wonderbly Joins “Self-Publishing”

Wonderbly is a UK-based “personalised book publisher”, and now it has its own self-publishing platform. Or rather, it provides brands and companies (and presumably individuals) with a platform to create personalised books and products. It looks like a pricier and more resource-intensive solution than “regular” self-publishing channels, offering access to their design team and global printing business.

It appears to be more of a solution for companies wishing to “self-publish” products internally, rather than to an audience. However, their first partner is Wizarding World Digital (a Harry Potter company), so who knows what their overall goal is.

You can read more about Wonderbly here.

The “Best” Book Covers of 2019

…according to Lithub, at any rate.

This article was posted in the SPF Community Facebook group, and the response by most commenters was largely the same – they look nice, but do they actually sell? (Remember: Man Booker Prize winners often have to work a day job, so the answer is probably no.)

Still, if you like looking at pretty poster-covers (or if you hate that kind of cover, and want to remind yourself why familiarity is important for marketing), you can do worse than looking through these.

Tom Ashford

Tom Ashford

Tom Ashford is a professional copywriter, author of numerous dark fantasy and sci-fi novels, and the Head of Content at the Self Publishing Formula Blog. His books include the Blackwater trilogy and the Checking Out series.

He lives in London with his wife, in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. Find out more about Tom here.