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Jaine Diamond, Canada

Kris Butler, MN, USA Romance/Erotica 

Imogen Clark, UK Commercial Women's Fiction

KT Davies, UK

Maria Luis, LA, USA Romance 

Steven Moore, Mexico Action-Thriller

Heather Grace Stewart, Canada Romance

Louisa George, New Zealand Romance

Lisa Zumpano, Canada
Historical Mystery

Kory M' Schrum, MI, USA Fantasy

Stephen R. Marriott, UK Literary Fiction 

T. Allen Diaz, FL, USA Science-Fiction 

Tawnya Lee, TX, USA Fantasy

Shannon Kuzmich, CA, USA Non-Fiction 

JM Dalgleish, UK Crime-Thriller-Mystery

Nick Warren, UK Action-Thriller

David Delaney, CA, USA Supernatural Thriller

Clare Sager, UK Historical Fiction

Jackie Elliott, Canada Non-Fiction 

Grahame Claire, LA, USA Romance

Rachel Zaouche, UK World War II Fiction

Rodney Strong, New Zealand Cozy Mystery

CJ Hunt, Canada

Louise Rose-Innes, UK

Nala Henkel-Aislinn, Canada

JT Lawrence, South Africa Multi-genre 

Sarah O'Flaherty, Australia Non-Fiction

Greg Kieszkowski, Canada Non-Fiction

Jack Moscrop, UK Travel

Joslyn Westbrook, US Romance