Three-peat guest, and bestselling author, Adam Croft shares his thoughts on how important the correct mindset is for authors, and how the right approach can have a positive affect on a writer’s career and business.

This week’s highlights include:

  • Adam’s thoughts on the current effectiveness of Facebook ads
  • The pros and cons of selling book rights to a trad publisher
  • On the root origin of many of the questions authors ask Adam
  • Using data, and business sense, to invest in an author career
  • The three types of mindsets author require to succeed
  • Changing our thinking to get different results
  • On the challenges of working at home and being your own boss

Resources mentioned in this episode:

PATREON: Self Publishing Formula Podcast’s Patreon page

SPF EPISODE 60: Dragon Dictation with Scott Baker

BBC BREAKFAST: Mark Dawson sits down with the BBC One breakfast show to discuss Salisbury, spies and writing that is influenced by current events.

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