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David Delaney, CA, USA Supernatural Thriller

Kris Butler, MN, USA Romance/Erotica 

Imogen Clark, UK Commercial Women's Fiction

Nick Warren, UK Action-Thriller

Maria Luis, LA, USA Romance 

Steven Moore, Mexico Action-Thriller

Heather Grace Stewart, Canada Romance

Kory M' Schrum, MI, USA Fantasy

Joslyn Westbrook, US Romance

Stephen R. Marriott, UK Literary Fiction 

T. Allen Diaz, FL, USA Science-Fiction 

Shannon Kuzmich, CA, USA Non-Fiction 

JM Dalgleish, UK Crime-Thriller-Mystery

Louisa George, New Zealand Romance

Clare Sager, UK Historical Fiction

Jackie Elliott, Canada Non-Fiction 

Rachel Zaouche, UK World War II Fiction

Rodney Strong, New Zealand Cozy Mystery

Grahame Claire, LA, USA Romance

JT Lawrence, South Africa Multi-genre 

Tawnya Lee, TX, USA Fantasy

Jack Moscrop, UK Travel

Sarah O'Flaherty, Australia Non-Fiction

Greg Kieszkowski, Canada Non-Fiction