Add Rocket Fuel to your
Book Launches.

With over eight million books available on the Amazon store alone, it’s not enough to simply publish a book and expect sales. Topping the charts takes more than just a good book – you need a great launch strategy in place, too. Bestselling author Mark Dawson is here to teach you how.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The three types of book launch, and when you should use each
  • How to prepare your launch using pre-orders
  • How to plan a general social media strategy
  • How to utilise Facebook, Amazon and BookBub ads to maximum effect
  • Why you should have a passionate ARC team (and how to grow it)
  • How to get reviews for your book on Amazon before it even goes live
  • Why email lists are the key to hitting the top of the charts
  • How partnering with other authors can increase your potential audience
  • How to promote your book on the big day
  • What to do in the days and weeks after your book has gone live
  • PLUS you’ll get access to an exclusive Facebook group and watch live videos with Mark during his next Milton launch


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