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SPF-067: Self Publishing – How Much Does it Cost? – with Mark Dawson

How much money should you reasonably expect to invest when self-publishing a book? Mark Dawson and James Blatch share the all-important financial details that indie authors need to know about.

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The Cost of Self Publishing


This week’s key highlights:

  • The editorial phases an author needs to go through
  • Tools authors need for formatting ebooks and paperbacks once the book is edited
  • Cost effective resources for cover design
  • Suggestions for inexpensive ways to have a website built
  • Recommendations for Mailing List hosts
  • Full summary of total costs for self-publishing a book

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

LAUNCH: Self-Publishing 101 launches tonight


RESOURCE: Downloadable PDF with all author costs laid out

PODCAST: SPF Episode with the two Brads from Vellum

RESOURCE: SPF Directory – FREE – waitlist now open

RESOURCE: Canva – free online graphic design tool

RESOURCE: Grammarly – free online tool to ensure clean, mistake-free copy

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