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SPF-055: Thirteen Million Reasons why Self Publishing Rocks – with HM Ward

This week’s interview is with romance author HM Ward, one of the great success stories of self publishing. Tune in to hear her story and how it could, with the right approach, be emulated by other indie authors. Here are this week’s key highlights:

Episode show notes

  • On HM Ward’s beginnings as a writer and her background as a visual artist
  • Why she chose indie publishing over traditional publishing
  • Making the business decision to become an author
  • On wearing blinders and figuring out what matters and what doesn’t in order to write more
  • Mistakes made (and corrected) when switching genres
  • Holly’s writing productivity tips and why it matters to balance creative output with creative input
  • Marketing tips and using texting to gather newsletter sign-ups
  • On the Kickstarter project to turn one of HM Ward’s book series into a movie
  • The future of author-reader connection, including phone apps

Resources and links mentioned this episode:

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