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Facebook Ads for Authors

A comprehensive guide to the powerful Facebook Ads platform, specifically for authors. Here you will learn the techniques that took my sales from loss making to a six figures a year.  

Amazon Ads for Authors  

A brand new revised edition of our flagship course. Authored by Janet Margot, someone who was on the inside with the Amazon Ads platform for many years. 

BookBub Ads for Authors  

The original course has now been replaced by a brand new BookBub Ads course, put together by the BookBub team themselves!

Write Simpler, Better Ads  

Bryan Cohen has produced a detailed guide to copywriting for ads, just for us. This important bonus course can give you an edge in making your campaigns as successful as possible.  

Ad Design for Authors  

Stuart Bache, designer of my book covers and ads as well as the covers of such greats as John Le Carré, has put together an exclusive session on how to use web tools to design high converting images for your Facebook ads.  

Messenger Bots for Authors  

The open and click rates on instant messages are through the roof, and this course will show you how to set up a simple chatbot to build your Messenger subscribers and interact with them.  


The bonus codes and links are released at the end of the refund period (3rd August 2021). A module will appear in the courses directory with all the details you need but look out for an email update nearer the time. 

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The Course Location, One More Time!  

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Finally a word of advice. There is no silver bullet. The secret to growing your audience and sales is to master the various steps and look for incremental gains. Don't be disheartened if your first efforts don't yield immediate results.

Look at the various aspects of your author platform and ensure that everything is as good as it can be. If you feel you're doing everything right with your ads, then turn your attention to your covers and blurb and so on.

In short, treat your writing as a business.

The Mastery facebook group is a great place to get moral support, as well as practical answers and I look forward to seeing you in there.

I can't wait to hear how you have progressed with the course, so please do let me know.

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